W6/NS-248 Point 7008

For the first activation of the new year (on January 12), I went with a group of friends to an unnamed peak near South Lake Tahoe. We were in the area to do snowshoeing over the weekend, but the weather was balmy (over 50 Fahrenheit) and there was no snow between the trailhead, at an elevation around 6300 feet, to the peak at 7008 feet. This peak is worth 6 SOTA points and qualifies for the winter bonus.

The trailhead is in Sawmill Pond, a “training lake” which is a stocked fishing pond managed by the USDA Forest Service that only allows children 14 years and under to fish. We took a straightforward ATV trail that went most of the way up and ended in a loop. At the loop, and had to go a bit off trail to the northwest to finish the hike. The summit is marked by a torn US flag on a steel pole in the rock.

The soil in the ground was soft and easy to put my tent stakes into for pole mounting. The contacts came easily on 20m CW, including JH1MXV in Japan!

The next day, we were snowshoeing around the Mt. Rose area and I managed to hear KK6YYD on 2m FM, who just so happened to be activating this very peak, adding this to my SOTA completes list in just 24 hours! I think this is a popular peak, as it’s quite easy to hike up in the winter and get the bonus points, and an accessible hike in the Lake Tahoe area.

The APRS track. It’s a bit undersampled, but you can more clearly see the route we took off-trail to get to the summit.

Thanks to all the chasers: JH1MXV, W0MNA, W0ERI, N4EX, W5GAI, and W7GA.