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East Bay Trails Challenge: Complete!

A nice thing about living in the Bay Area is that there are a bunch of free programs that try to get people out and hiking. Stef and I took on the 2017 East Bay Trails Challenge this years to see some of the regional parks we have not yet visited.

The hikes we did:

  • Feb 11: Kennedy Grove Regional Recreation Area (3.48 mi)
  • Feb 18: Point Pinole Regional Shoreline (4.13 mi)
  • Mar 11: Roberts Regional Recreation Area (1.22 mi)
  • Jun 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Regional Shorelines (3.84 mi)
  • Jun 20: Claremont Canyon Regional Preserve (2.62 mi)

The incentive to do the award was a neat little lapel pin that features the California poppy. We saw a lot of these little orange flowers on our hikes!



W6/NC-417 – Reactivating Abrott Benchmark and Hiking Kennedy Grove

On February 11, I returned to Kennedy Grove Park for my first hike for the East Bay Trails Challenge to get to know the regional parks a bit better. Of course, the radio came along so my group could make a SOTA excursion to Abrott Benchmark (here’s the first time I went with KJ6GLR’s company).

After one week of solid rain, this Saturday was a beautiful day with clear skies and a great time to return to this peak! Overflow from the reservoir was pouring down a spillway and the trail was quite muddy in places. The hills were a beautiful green this time around.

Our East Bay Trails Challenge started on the Laurel Loop Trail. We then went up the eastern Lower Sea Foam Trail to the Upper Sea Foam Trail to the Black Oak Loop Trail. We then came back down on the Kennedy Creek Trail to finish the loop.


In order to get to Abrott Benchmark, we had to do a little bit of backtracking. This time we took the north leg of the Lower Sea Foam Trail and turned onto Upper Sea Foam Trail, but once we reached the high point on Upper Sea Foam Trail, we broke towards a fire trail on the east edge of the park that heads toward the peak. There’s a green swing near the entrance to the fire trail. You have to cross a fence to get to the trail, walking along a bit of grass in between. Take the fire trail to your left and you’ll make your way to the meandering fire trail that eventually takes you to the benchmark.

I also experimented with APRS location reporting. Nearly all the packets that I sent while on the Black Oak Loop were lost to the ether, but I managed to get a halfway decent track towards the peak. I was able to spot myself with the APRS2SOTA service, so everything was done on RF this trip.


The contacts went by quickly, and I got a number of summit-to-summits this time. Of particular note was KE6MT who was just across the bay on Richardson East Benchmark, which I had activated a few months ago. It must have been a wonderful view that day! Thanks to all the chasers!