W8O/CT-001 Campbell Hill (472m) and Concrete

Today, I activated Campbell Hill (4 points), which at 1550 feet (472m) above sea level, is the most elevated place in Ohio. The broad, sloping hill has such a shallow slope that its prominence is not immediately obvious. There is a plaque there that assures you that you are standing at the highest point in the state.

The approach to the summit was an easy drive through the campus of the aptly-named Ohio Hi-Point Career Center. The summit site had some convenient benches, but they were covered in a sheath of ice about 2 millimeters thick. I used an end-fed tossed into a nearby pine tree which worked well enough. Chasers came from CO, AZ, and FL- not bad for 2.5W! When the QSOs slowed down, I decided to pack up because the temperature was just below freezing.

Thanks to all the chasers! Special thanks to W7RV and K6HPX who have now chased me 3 times each.


There’s a nearby point of interest for civil engineering history buffs: Bellefontaine, Ohio is the home of Court Avenue, which has the distinction of being, circa 1891, the first street in the US paved by concrete. There’s a concrete statue of George Bartholemew, the pioneer who convinced city hall to let him pave the road to prove the virtues of “artificial stone.” He posted a $5000 bond to ensure that the road would last for at least five years. The experiment succeeded magnificently – portions of the original pavement still persist to this day.