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Briones Hills W6/NC-371 SOTA Activation

On March 26, 2016, I went out to one of my favorite spots, Briones Regional Park, to go for another SOTA activation. This time, I made my contacts from 1483 feet on Briones Peak. I brought my HT and 2m Yagi as usual.

I started at the Reliez Valley Staging Area and cut a course that took me through bits of Blue Oak Trail, Blue Oak Shortcut, Spengler Trail, and Briones Crest Trail, for a total of a bit over 2.0 miles. Here’s the path, rendered Indiana-Jones style:


It was a beautiful hike through consummate rolling hills, made green by this year’s rainy El Niño winter. From this staging point, there were just over 1000 feet to climb to arrive at Briones Peak.

Activation was a bit slow this time, and a few groups of hikers came up to ask about what the crazy guy with a radio was doing, including an engineer at Keysight. KO6PS recognized me by my sign and voice, even though our last QSO was in mid-December (during my SOTA activation of Black Point).

I pulled in 8 contacts this time, getting out to Santa Rosa for a few of them (~60 miles):


My CW skills are getting to the point where I would be comfortable taking out an HF on the next SOTA activation – looking forward to that!