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W6/NC-150 Black Mountain (857m)

Today, Stef and I ventured to the South Bay to climb Black Mountain (857m, 2 pts), the most prominent peak in the ridge visible from Mountain View (and that I can’t help but speculate is the origin of Mountain View’s name). We parked at the Monte Bello Open Space Preserve and hiked the ~2.5 miles to the summit. It was a sunny and hot day, so we were happy to take a service road for the second half of the hike which was better obscured by shade.

Light activation today, since I only brought my HT with a whip antenna. One CQ later, I had already made contact with Will AA1FD, who was just five miles away. Then there was radio silence for fifteen minutes. A bit trickier to get out without a Yagi…

I called in to the BAYNET repeater system, with a transmitter conveniently located on Black Mountain, and immediately Don KG6IRS in Fremont came back and we were able to copy each other on 440 MHz simplex. I then was able to enter the tail end of a QSO between KI6BEN in Fremont and Mark WB6DCE at Monterrey. I couldn’t get Mark to copy me, but George KM6UM did his best to relay, giving me the four QSOs necessary.

A bit messier than usual because I went with a whip antenna to keep the pack light, but the magic of the Bay Area is that a casual activation like this is possible because there are hams everywhere. Thanks to everybody who called in!