W6/NC-331 Pine Mountain

On September 24, I went to this Marin County peak with Marc KM6JKX. Evidently, the sport of mountain biking started on Pine Mountain with a race organized in 1976. It’s worth mentioning that the Marin Museum of Bicycling and Mountain Bike Hall of Fame is located nearby in Fairfax, CA. We didn’t have time to stop by on this trip, but it should be of interest to those into cycling history.

It was 2.4 miles one way along the Pine Mountain Fire Trail. There was a great breeze all the way up, along with wonderful vistas typical of Marin County. The excellent pictures from this hike are courtesy of Marc, including a particularly nice shot of a turkey vulture that was circling around the trail for a good part of the hike.


Marc worked 2m and I stuck with my standard of 20m CW. Thanks to all the chasers: WW7D, N2ESE, K6EL, W2SE, and W9MRH!


W6/NC-434 Bodega Hill

Stef and I were returning from a day trip to Santa Rosa (visiting Russian River Brewing Co. as we’ve done on other trips to Sonoma: W6/NC-379 Taylor Mountain) and decided to pass by the scenic Bodega Bay. There is a conveniently located drive-by SOTA along Bay Hill Road in the hills just east of Bodega Bay. The actual peak is just past a fence on somebody’s property, so we parked on the side of the road a few hundred feet away and set up near a pull-of in front of the fence. Ten minutes after setting up, I had the four requisite QSOs on 20m CW. Since I just had my end-fed wire in a bush a few feet off the ground, I didn’t get any other bites before we decided to pack up.

The road was narrow enough that two cars could barely pass each other, and Google Maps seemed to be routing folks along this road to avoid heavy traffic in downtown Bodega thanks to Labor Day weekend. Many drivers passed by with somewhat bewildered faces before focusing again on the road. I guess amateur radio isn’t a normal sight on a side road like this, especially on such a hot day.


Thanks to the chasers: W7RV, W7KKM, W0MNA, and K6MW!