Henry-1 High Altitude Balloon Launch

The East Bay amateur radio club worked with the UC Berkeley ham radio club on a high altitude balloon launch. The balloon went up on March 18, starting on Memorial Glade on the UC Berkeley campus. The payload included a bio-aerosol collection module, a Geiger counter, and a cross-band repeater. I was lucky enough to grab a seat in one of the chase cars despite not having worked on any of the modules that went up with the balloon.

I managed a QSO with W7IV in San Luis Obispo county when the balloon had reached an altitude 30000 feet. After about two hours of flight time, the balloon reached its maximum altitude of 107553 feet just south of Sacramento where it popped and the parachute deployed. Then, the winds pushed the payload to some woods to the east of Folsom Lake where the group retrieved it (with the permission of the property owners).


Here’s a video of the entire flight, assembled by KJ6DZB:


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