W6/CC-035 Mount Konocti

We were camping at Clear Lake State park for Memorial Day weekend to check out the lake and the surrounding region. Mount Konocti is visible from nearly any point in the region around the lake and has special significance for the indigenous Pomo people. The trailhead is in the Mount Knocti County Park, which opened this peak to the public in 2011.

The hike up to Wright Peak was three miles each way and was exposed to the sun for most of the way. The first 600 yards of the trail is narrow and goes through some privately owned orchards. We were glad that we started at 8am since the trail is on the west side of the mountain and was therefore shaded most of the way up in the morning. We saw a rattlesnake slide into the grass just off the trail near the summit and there were many lizards darting across the trail so watch your step!

We were the first ones on Wright Peak that morning and I had an easy time with the activation on 2m thanks to the active (and very helpful) ham community in Lake County. I even managed to get a S2S with KK6YYD on Wallace Peak near Lake Tahoe. When it came time to set up the HF antenna, I got the fiberglass pole up and guyed before I realized that I forgot to bring coax with me this time! Whoops… one still learns even after doing 25+ of these trips…

Thanks to all the chasers for this all-VHF activation: KK6TDG, KK6YYD, KK6TNH, K6ZYU, and N1PPP!



  1. Andrew VK1AD

    Tom, good to read you qualified on 2m. I don’t use a checklist approach to SOTA, I prefer to visually walk-through my SOTA kit before leaving home. Doing this process some weeks ago I found I had left my 10m length of RG58AU in my garage! Quickly resolved and off to the summit 🙂

    • ai6cu

      Indeed. I’m fortunate to live in a densely ham-populated region of the US, so these 2m activation are relatively simple. Thanks for your support of my reports! I’m glad to see that that you are enjoying them. I hope someday to get out to VK-land and see the wonderful sights.

  2. Mel KK6TMN

    Ho! Glad to know I’m not the only who leaves stuff at home. I had a great pack list for SOTA…but I can’t find it! The locals are SOTA friendly as you discovered, so 146.775 and other local repeaters can always be used to roust up a few folks. ( or just CQ on 146.52 or 223.5 which usually have a few ears too.)

    Now I’m off to bed so I reclaim the Konocti in the am…and I have my Coax packed!

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